Ben Sajdak

Ben Sajdak

Company: Fauna Bio

Job title: Director - Emerging Animal Models


Ben earned his PhD in the Neuroscience Doctoral Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he developed expertise in translational biomedical imaging of patients and many animal species. He has helped launch innovative cross-disciplinary research divisions at each stage of his academic career. He is passionate about exploring naturally evolved solutions to health problems in model organisms and aspires to unlock similar disease resistance strategies in humans.


The Quest for More Translatable Animal Models 1:00 pm

Addressing the best practices in developing animal models that mimic patient disease biology Improving the clinical relevancy of visual structure and function measurements made in animal model studies Understanding the applicability of animal model endpoints to clinical trials Exploring new tissue profiling and imaging tools being employed (e.g., new histopathology tools, blood and fluid biomarkers,…Read more

day: Development Stream 2

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