Viral Kansara

Viral Kansara

Company: Clearside Biomedical

Job title: Vice President - Preclinical Development


An In-Depth Exploration of the Suprachoroidal Delivery Route 1:00 pm

Setting some basic context: the delivery route, administration techniques, benefits & drawbacks, and its current coverage in gene therapy clinical trials Exploring the latest understanding of biodistribution profiles Covering the scientific consensus on the suprachoroidal delivery route immunogenicity profiles What mitigation strategies exist for overcoming gene therapy dilution when attempting targeted delivery Discussing the relative…Read more

day: Delivery Stream 2

Assessing the Latest Developments with Nanoparticle-Based Gene Therapy 11:20 am

Outlining the status quo with the nanoparticle field in ocular gene therapy Updates on progression developing a non-viral vector for large gene delivery Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of such system compared to traditional viral delivery methodsRead more

day: Preclinical 3

Panel Discussion: Defining the Future of Large Gene Delivery to the Eye 3:10 pm

Discussing innovative approaches being developed to overcome the limited cargo capacity of AAV vectors What key challenges remain in bringing these methods to the mainstream and how are industry working to overcome them? Predicting the future direction for large gene delivery to the eyeRead more

day: Conference Day One

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