Post-Conference Delivery Day

Friday, September 16 2022

9:50 am Chairs Opening Remarks

Exploring the Technologies & Devices Involved with Suprachoroidal Delivery to Prepare for the Next Generational Delivery Route

10:00 am Recent Updates on Microinjector based Suprachoroidal Gene Therapy: Potentials & Challenges

  • Viral Kansara Vice President of Preclinical Development, Clearside Biomedical


  • SCS microinector based suprachoroidal gene delivery enables minimally invasive
    office-based treatment for choroiretinal diseases
  • Nanoparticle based non-viral gene delivery via SC injection has potential to be a
    repeatable office-based gene therapy

10:30 am Novel Suprachoroidal Delivery System Enables Rapid Distribution to the Posterior Segment & Macula

  • Yoreh Barak Director of Retina, Department of Ophthalmology, Everads Therapy


  • Considerations for rapid and broad distribution to posterior segment when
    delivering genetherapy
  • Innovative approach for suprachoroidal delivery using Everads’ suprachoroidal
    delivery system
  • Perspectives of a retinal surgeon on key criteria for a suprachoroidal delivery

11:00 am Morning Break

Exploring Novel Technology & Devices Involved with Ophthalmic AAV-mediated Delivery

11:30 am Looking Into Surgical & Robot-assisted Delivery of Gene Therapy Vectors


  • Clinical methods of AAV-mediated delivery
  • Gene therapy and optogenetic approaches
  • Robot-assisted delivery method

12:00 pm Outlining Clinician Perspective of AAV Delivery to Understand the Most Efficacious Routes


  • Considering patient concerns and perspectives
  • Providing insight into which therapies are most efficacious with subretinal delivery
  • Discussing patient outreach

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Roundtable Discussion

Understanding Surgical & Clinical Perspectives on Subretinal delivery to Understand Patient Experience & Treatment Efficacy

1:30 pm Exploring the use of Subretinal Administration for Ophthalmic Gene Therapy


  • Summarizing the use of subretinal and suprachoroidal administration for
    gene therapy
  • Reviewing the current and emerging technologies for subretinal administration
  • Device development considerations for subretinal delivery

2:00 pm Panel Discussion– Delving into the Clinical & Surgical Challenges of Delivering Gene Therapies to the Eye Through Subretinal Pathway


  • Presenting the clinical challenges presented by sub retinal delivery
  • Discussing potential solutions to some of the major challenges
  • Outlining the surgical challenges of accessing this section of the eye
  • How can the technology be improved?
  • Is the surgery to invasive and/or risky?

2:30 pm End of Post-Conference Delivery Day