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Welcome to the 3rd Gene Therapy for Ophthalmic Disorders

With 30+ hours of content, 4 workshops, a post conference delivery day and over 2 hours of networking with key industry leaders; the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy for Ophthalmic Disorders meeting is the only one stop shop for preclinical and clinical drug developers in the gene therapy space.

This space is rapidly evolving – in 2022 we saw some great developments in the gene therapy for ophthalmic disorders, including biotech and large pharmaceutical partnerships, pioneering treatments for new targets and novel technologies. However, inflammation, clinical trial design and regulations are just a few of the persistent challenges within the field.

Therefore, it is vital for the community to come together to:

Address preclinical challenges through sharing insight on efficacious animal models, novel capsid engineering and considerations of the mechanisms that lead to inflammation and toxicity

Design effective clinical trials by sharing successful regiments, regulatory considerations when applying for INDs and effective enrolment and outreach to patients

Consider and evaluate methods of drug delivery to the eye to ensure patient safety and effective dosing of treatments

Your complete 4-day Gene Therapy for Ophthalmic Disorders conference landscape:

September 13

September 14-15

September 16

The long-form, intimate and discussion focussed sessions with fellow ophthalmic gene therapy drug developers to understand fascinating and important topic within the space.

Take your pick of one of two tracks, containing two workshops each.

There interactive sessions offer a great opportunity to take part in the discussion and ask questions to those with in-depth knowledge within the topic.

With two streams and 30+ speakers, you can now choose which of the streams will provide the most value to you.

To provide a more in-depth coverage of the challenges within the field, we have separated the topics into preclinical and clinical-related challenges.

Bring your clinical and non-clinical teams along to keep up to date with the rapidly evolving and changing field.

The hotly anticipated delivery day will focus on the technology, devices relating to the different methods of delivery involved with ophthalmic gene therapy.

This day will have six sessions addressing the novel and past developments in technology and devices.

These sessions provide in-depth insight into the early phases of drug developments from the leaders in the industry.