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Lexitas is a full-service CRO partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies specializing in ophthalmics. We pair world-class expertise in ophthalmology clinical operations with years of experience partnering with highly-regarded clinical investigators in eye care. Our team has extensive experience designing, planning and executing patient-centric eye care clinical studies. We employ site management strategies that are tailored to the unique requirements of each study, resulting in a proven track record of stellar performance and high customer satisfaction.


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Forge Biologics

Innovation Partner

Forge Biologics is a hybrid gene therapy contract manufacturing and clinical-stage therapeutics development company. Forge’s mission is to enable access to life changing gene therapies and help bring them from idea to reality. Forge has a 200,000 square foot facility in Columbus, Ohio, the Hearth, to serve as its headquarters. The Hearth is a custom-designed cGMP facility dedicated to AAV vector manufacturing and will host end-to-end manufacturing services to accelerate gene therapy programs from preclinical through clinical and commercial stage manufacturing. By taking a patients-first approach, Forge aims to accelerate the timelines of these transformative medicines for those who need them the most.  To learn more, visit www.forgebiologics.com

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Newcells Biotech

Innovation Partner

Newcells Biotech provides clients with validated in vitro tools to understand how drugs interact with tissues. We build functional in vitro models of the kidney, retina, and lung to improve clinical translation and drug discovery. By applying our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), primary tissues, a deep understanding of cellular physiology and organoid technology, we have built validated models and assays that have proven to be predictive of how drugs interact with tissues and organs.


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Translational Imaging Innovations

Innovation Partner

Translational Imaging Innovations, Inc. (TII) was formed in 2019 as a spin-out of the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program of the Medical College of Wisconsin to accelerate image-driven innovations in ophthalmology. The TII Integrated Translational Imaging™ platform combines a scalable and extensible database with data automation workflows for biomarker discovery and clinical endpoint validation. Our objective is to dramatically increase access to ophthalmic images and data for empowering breakthroughs in next-generation ocular therapies.


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Event Partner

InformedDNA® is the country’s leading applied genomics solutions company, helping people harness the full power of the genomics revolution. With a large staff of board-certified genetics specialists, InformedDNA ensures that health organizations have access to the highest quality genomics insights to optimize clinical decisions and biopharma companies have support to meet the challenges of precision medicine clinical trials. InformedDNA's solutions extend beyond successful clinical trial execution to maximize post-market success in targeted populations.


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