2022 Full Event Guide

Gene Therapy Ophthalmic Disorders - Full Event Guide

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend!

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Uncover novel methods of capsid engineering with Atsena Therapeutics, ViGeneron and IVERIC Bio, showing the next generation of vector development

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Engage in three, expert-lead workshops that will explore non-viral delivery modalities and biomarkers for ophthalmic gene therapy with workshop leaders from Novartis, Intergalactic Therapeutics & Nanoscope

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Hear from Daniel Chung at SparingVision, on how to develop an effective patient outreach program that ensures patient comprehension and input in clinical development

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Explore the use of immunosuppressants and anti-inflammtory agents in aiding preclinical safety data with Janssen, Northern Biomedical Research & Novartis

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Discover the next generation of technology and devices being used in the delivery of ophthalmic gene therapy from Clearside Biomedical, REGENXBIO, University of Oxford and Everads Therapy during our highly anticipated postconference delivery day